SafeE AB innovation, development and production of specialized security products.

In the consulting conducted safety audits of real estate security inspections and talk about how you can protect yourself and avoid problem such as burglary and other disorders. Expection experinces also extends to the objects of social sensitive character.

The flashlights TacOne® and PRO-1 is one of the absolutely most powerful flashligts in its format. Our security solutions for windows and doors to protect against falls and unwanted visits. Security latch allow airing, to vent safely and is just but that the evacuation can be opened from outside. Child-proof models are patented, tested and approved according to SS3587 of the Swedish national testing and research institute.

With nearly 30 years experience in the security industry, including 17 years as a COP and long-standing practical experience of preventing crimes against businesses and homes in combination with innovative thinking and great technical expertice, we are well equipped to help you. SafeE is a family business established 2005.

We value and welcome every customer, large and small. Primarily product sales through dealers. Please feel free to contact us with special requests, specific needs, or for information about your nearest dealer. SafeE can develop products according to specific needs. 



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