About us

SafeE AB is a spirited Stockholm-based company established in 2005. The company is owned and run by the Pira family.

Kent Pira is the company´s CEO, he is a former Police and locksmith. Kent has a broad backround in the security industry, where he also as a security guard and security assistant, before SafeE started, he worked for 17 years int the Stockholm police.

The last 10 years in the police service was specifically geared toward business break-ins and burglaries. Kent held lectures and training both internally and externally, the main task was to develop and deploy City police strategies against burglary. With this SafeE has aspecial ability to thoroughly understand the security problems and in their product and develop new products in order to reduce the customer´s risk level and thus contribute to a safer everyday.


Today SafeE a company that carries several awards, finalist in the catagory safety pin issued by Security Awards 2010. Finalist of the Year Award Product News issued by the Swedish construction services, newspaper building industry and the North Building in 2016.


With the years, SafeE established new products and brands for example. Tactical flashlight TacOne® and shacle-free lock COVERLOCK® and more products are expected.


SafeE has engaged international partners in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, China, Turkey and South Africa.


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